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Villa María Exporta 2014

Villa Maria Exporta

Villa María Exporta is designed in order that Argentinian businessmen can establish export business with international corporations and operators from Latin America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

The modality chosen to initiate contact is through personal interviews, by which national offerers connect with representatives of international companies, who have been selected by their interest in acquiring some of the food products offered by our businessmen.

The branch upon which the business round is organized is the FOOD branch, traditionally focused on food for human nutrition; but, introducing for the second consecutive year, food for animal nutrition which, in our opinion, extends the invitation to and the possibility of doing business with foreign companies.

For this edition more than 15 foreign operators and between 50 and 60 national businessmen were invited; who will be able to offer a variety of food products, such as: dairy, cheese, jam, preserves, oil, grains, flour, dry fruit, wine and food for animal nutrition. Moreover, they will provide samples of food to foreign operators that will allow them to become acquainted with the quality and flavor of the products offered.

Our goal

To widen the export offer of food, generating a connection between national food companies with an export profile and international companies and/or operators interested in doing business in our country.

The event develops with the combination of three activities:

Round of Business: It consists of the performance of interviews between national and foreign businessmen in order to exhibit the offer of products.
Product tasting: Apart from receiving samples of the different products, foreign businessmen have the opportunity to taste the food offered by the exporters, which allows them to obtain direct advice from local businessmen about the different flavors, textures and the knowledge of the adaptation of such products to the different markets.
Technical visit: Guided tours to companies in the region.

It is our desire that, through Villa María Exporta, the city of Villa María becomes the center of international business and a national and international benchmark.


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